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The modern boho look is one of the most sought-after trends in the Canadian home today. What does "boho" really mean, though? To start, this phrase is derived from the word bohemian, which historically referred to gypsies from the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic (who knew, right?!). In modern day context, the Bohemian style is not necessarily busy. When it meets minimalism, a refreshing trend of decoration is born and that catches our eyes instantly - we call it the Modern Boho Style.

With a mixture of colors, textures, patterns and accessories we can achieve the comfortable, relaxing and sometimes whimsical boho atmosphere in our modern homes.


Beautiful wall hangings - especially those gifted, hand-made treasures from friends - can easily add texture and life. They are a simple way to warm up your wall and add a touch of boho-chic to the space.

Macrame wall hanging natural wood with cream and blush accents above bed with grey headboard and rust and white pillowcases aztec pattern throw pillow accent

Cream and blush macrame wall hanging over bed with grey fabric headboard wood side table with silver lamp cat sleeping on white duvet pampas grass in pink vase on floor


The addition of texture in our spaces provides visual interest, depth and most importantly, personality. By layering chunky knits against the clean lines of our bedroom furniture or the visual pattern of these throw pillows against the smooth leather in our living room, we create a welcoming sense of depth.

Cream and blush macramé wall hanging over grey fabric headboard rust and white sheets with chunky cream knit throw on bed sleeping cat mercury glass lamp on wood side table with pampas grass in vase natural light white drapes on window area rug under bed

textured accent throw pillows in rust and gold on grey sofa

blush velvet throw pillow with tassle detail on beige couch with grey and white patterned pillow and fiddle leaf fig plant in background

blush colored framed art pair above grey fabric headboard white sheets and duvet pink and yellow throws on bed wood side table with silver table lamp pink vase with pampas grass

Cream and blush macramé wall hanging over grey headboard white and rust sheets with chunky grey throw on end of bed hat on end of bed area rug with wood side table and silver lamp with pampas grass in pink vase

Natural light and two windows on each side of fireplace wood mantle with black circle mirror two candlesticks plant bird of paradise fiddle leaf fig plant rust arm chairs area rug wood and black accent coffee table cream color sofa with aztec pattern throw pillow basket on floor with throw blanket and pillow


Plants are an essential element to bringing life and dimension to a room, with their organic shapes and textures. We have an amazing variety throughout our home - with our favorites being the fiddle leaf fig & snake plant. Some plants are easier to care for than others so please check out my plant care guide HERE.

Wood console table under three framed pictures of bison fiddle leaf plant in woven basket aloe plant in pot on floor cactus in corner snake plant in white pot with wood stand on floor patterned area rug natural wood floors

Nursery with white crib and fitted pink sheet white mirror on wall with llama wallpaper detail pampas grass in pink vase on floor wood bead chandelier

two leather armchairs on either side of fireplace wood mantle with round black mirror and plants in pots cream sofa with round wood coffee table with magazine stack and two plants area rug fiddle leaf fig in corner

Two brown leather armchairs with chunky knit throw basket on floor with stripped blanket and textured throw pillow wood mantle with two candlesticks round black mirror hanging plant fiddle leaf fig in basket rectangular wood coffee table with black wood accents


The simple and elegant lines of Scandinavian furniture pieces pair beautifully with the textures, warmth and uniqueness of these boho inspired elements.

White walls natural light wood mantle with round mirror and three plants on mantle ledge fiddle leaf fig in baskets leather armchair round wood coffee table with magazines and vase and plant cream sofa with faux fur pouf on floor

Natural light and windows blanket ladder against the wall with throw wood mantle with round mirror and plants fiddle leaf fig in baskets cream sofa with cat on the back two brown leather armchairs aloe plant in gold pot on floor

Wood sidetable with black accent legs book and plant area rug on natural wood floors cream color sofa with orange textured throw pillow


As a nod to the eclectic tendencies of the the boho design style, elements such as fringe, fibers and wood beads are all components you can utilize to tie in your lighting design choices with the overall layering and décor choices of your room.

Wood bead chandeilier nursery white crib against wall with rainbow print and blue spotted wallpaper accent cream drapes grasses in vase in corner stuffed animals

Nursery with wood bead chandielier white crib with white mirror llama accent wallpaper fiddle leaf fig in basket on floor patterned area rug woven basket with stuffed animals faux fur pouf and armchair


Woven baskets and wooden plant stands both tie harmoniously into the boho design concept with the use of natural materials and handmade shapes.

Fiddle leaf fig plant in woven basket on wood floor white walls natural light

Bird of paradise plant on steps natural wood floor woven basket white posts wood accent handrail

Natural light fiddle leaf fig in woven basket with black accent wood console and grey sofa

Snake plant in pot on floor with wood stand white and black macramé wall hanging brown leather arm chairs fireplace with wood mantle round mirror with plants fiddle leaf fig basket on floor

With a mixture of colors, textures, patterns and accessories we can achieve the comfortable, relaxing and sometimes whimsical boho decor and style in our modern homes.

With a mixture of colors, textures, patterns and accessories we can achieve the comfortable, relaxing and sometimes whimsical boho decor and style in our modern homes.

With a mixture of colors, textures, patterns and accessories we can achieve the comfortable, relaxing and sometimes whimsical boho decor and style in our modern homes.



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Jun 17, 2022

I am absolutely swooning over the Persian rug in your living room! Would you mind sharing where it’s from please? Thanks!

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