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A yellow throw blanket on a grey sofa.

There's something about throw blankets that I love. I guess it's kind of like throw pillows....they are an easy and inexpensive way (most of the time) to change up a room. A new color or pattern on a large item like a sofa can be scary, but as a blanket, it's fun! I'm going to show you a few great ways to style your home using your favorite blankets below.

On the End of the Bed: I like to keep a couple throws in my bedroom for the times I curl up to read. I'm also a huge fan of white bedding, but I often crave pops of color and this is how I love to add it. Right now I'm going through a blush phase and I've added a blush and mustard throw on my bed. I love how they work together and add some great texture. My oldest daughter Isla has a gorgeous rainbow bedroom and we added a peachy throw on her bed to break up the pattern of her bedding. I find it grounds the room and she loves to snuggle with it when she sleeps.

A little girl's rainbow themed bedroom .

A blush and mustard boho bedroom.

The Sofa or Chair: Who doesn't like wrapping themselves up with a cozy blanket when they sit on the couch. I tend to have a few options around in case guests get cold. During winter my home feels a lot cooler and so blankets are a way to add warmth. Just like in a bedroom, a throw can add so much color and character to a living room and they instantly make a space feel cozy. I cuddle up in a blanket with my cats and drink tea almost every night! Try choosing blankets that have a fun pattern, some fluffy texture or a row of tassels.

A grey throw blanket laying across a sofa amongst pillows.

A fringe throw blanket laying across a brown leather chair.

A mustard throw blanket laying across a grey sofa in a living room.

The Nursery: I'm a big believer in keeping the crib free of blankets when baby sleeps, but I do love to hang that sentimental baby blanket over the crib in the daytime as a way to display it. I like to cuddle with my daughter Noa and read books in the rocking chair before bed and we often wrap up in her blanket together.

A coral baby blanket hanging over a white crib.

In Baskets: If you don't want blankets hanging over your furniture, a wicker basket is a great way to store them. The basket itself is so pretty and your favorite blankets can live folded up inside ready for use. This is a great way to store extra blankets if you have a larger family or a few guests coming over as well.

A basket of blankets sitting in a midcentury modern living room.

A Blanket Ladder: One of my favorite additions to my home lately is this gorgeous blanket ladder from Primrose Shop. I'm crazy about the gold and white together and it is such a beautiful way to display a throw.

A striped boho throw blanket hanging over a gold and white blanket ladder.

A gold and white blanket ladder standing in a modern living room next to a sofa.

The next time you get the urge to redecorate or change up a room in your home I hope I've inspired you to add a blanket!


Grey Plaid Blanket: The Company Store

Yellow Tassel Blanket: Kip and Co

Coral and Pink Blankets: Jac and Jae Designs

Striped Blanket: CB2

Rust Blanket: Urban Outfitters Home

Yellow Blanket: Homesense

A blanket ladder with a striped blanket standing in a living room.

A dark grey sofa with some throw pillow and a fluffy grey blanket.

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