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Scandinavian design is well known for its minimal and modern vibe. The holidays are no different and this beautiful style sets Nordic countries apart from the rest. Scandinavian Christmas decor typically boasts a simple color palette and sleek silhouettes. Northern lights and snowy winter scenes compliment natural evergreens and glamorous fur details. Keep reading for everything you need to know for a stylish and cozy Scandinavian holiday look this year.

1. A Neutral Colour Palette

A simple and minimal color palette acts as a perfect base for pops of red or green. When choosing your main pieces of furniture you will want to stick with neutral fabrics and black and white shades for contrast. Shimmery silver and bold red are common in Scandinavian design.

source: House Beautiful

source: Stylizimo

source: Burkatron

source: pinterest

2. Natural Elements and Minimal Ornaments

Mixing in greenery and natural elements is a key aspect of the Nordic style. Wreaths and garlands are a great way to bring in pieces of nature. Simple wooden beaded garlands look beautiful trimming the tree. Ribbons, white lights and simple ornaments are also popular choices.

source for all: Crate and Barrel

3. Tree Baskets

Whether it is wicker, rattan or seagrass, the Scandinavian design most always involves the Christmas tree being placed or stored in a basket. Sometimes a blanket or tree skirt in Nordic inspired colors like red and white is used as well. Galvanized pots are another option.

source: Crate and Barrel

source: Happy Grey Lucky

4. Wrapping with Brown Paper

The tree is the focus of Scandinavian Christmas decor and with the tree comes simply wrapped gifts. Brown craft paper or postal paper, twine/ribbon and sprigs of greenery are used to capture the minimal, nature inspired feeling.

source: My Scandinavian Home

5. Twinkle Lights and Geometric Shapes

Scandinavians love their geometric elements. For the holidays, stars, diamonds and triangles are often seen. Illuminating a room with soft, dim candlelight can evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort. Twinkle lights and ornaments are usually displayed with candles. Nature is important and berry branches, pine cones and antlers are frequently used.

source for all: Crate and Barrel

source: Delineate Your Dwelling

6. Warm and Cozy Knits and Fur

The feeling of warmth is a large part of the holidays for Scandinavians. Cozines is key and chunky knits or (faux) fur is commonly used. Don't be afraid to mix up your textiles and include a variety of textures with blankets, throw pillows or poufs.

source: Crate and Barrel

source: Pottery Barn

source: Michaels


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