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I've recently started painting my old plant pots and I'm loving the way they are turning out. I've been able to paint so many fun designs and I love throwing in a splash of color to spruce up any room. This DIY project is easy, fun, and inexpensive. The best right?!

What you will need:

* Clean dry pots

* Acrylic or any interior paint you have left over from your home. I used Kissing Gate by Sherwin Williams.

* A few paint brushes or sponges in various sizes

* A painters cloth or work space protection

* Painters tape

Theres not much prep to do but make sure your pot is dirt free and clean.

  1. Tape off any sections you want painted. you can get creative with this part! Copy a design you love or come up with your own. Geometric, shapes, stripes and modern rainbow shapes are cute details you can add.

  2. Using a flat brush or sponge, apply your first coat and let it dry completely before moving onto the next. Your coats should also be thin so as to not get chunky paint. Most of the time, your pot will need 2 to 3 coats for complete coverage. Tip: disposable gloves will help protect your hands if you plan on painting a large section of your pot. Just a note that if you don't have paint you can also use spray paint.

  3. Let it dry overnight and then move your fave plant into its newest home. Enjoy!

This is an inexpensive way to make your plain or old pots trendy and new again!

A plant pot with painters tape wrapped around in stripes.

Kissing Gate paint by Sherwin Williams.

A white paint pot with a scalloped design painted on it.

A blush coral plant pot on a fireplace mantel.

A Burrow's Tail plant in a coral and white pot.


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