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Spring is in the air! And for many of us, cleaning up our spaces may be on the to-do list. I decided that one of my first projects for this year was to clean up the mudroom. This is the room that every time we enter or leave the house, we go through. I was getting tired of how messy it got. Here are some of the things I implemented into the mudroom to help keep my family organized:

Hooks, Hooks, and More Hooks

Okay, let’s be realistic. Kids wont’ likely use hangers. Even for myself, I find using hangers annoying. I decided that schools have a great set up with hooks for the kids for their coats and backpacks at their height so I brought this idea into our mudroom.

I started off with this board with four knobs, which I thought would be enough for two coats and two backpacks for the boys. But I wanted to get even more things off the floor so I set up one more set, and then I got another one. They are so awesome!!! And for the adults, I put an over-the door-hook in the closet for our jackets too and it is SO much easier than using a hanger!

Sock Basket

I don’t know what’s with my sons and husbands. They LOVED to take off their socks when they sat down in the living room and leave them on the carpet floor. UGH! I hated this so much. So, I got a cute basket with a sock on it to remind them what goes in there and put it in the mudroom. Then now take off their socks when they get home and put them in there. This has worked out great and I am so happy there are no more unsightly socks strewn all over! Unfortunately, this has not solved my problem with missing socks when trying to match them!


Often, when I am scrambling to leave the house, I end up going back in and looking for things that I forgot. It created stress and chaos when we are already running late in the mornings. So now by the mudroom door now is a large basket. I put into it the things that are supposed to LEAVE the house. Things that have to be returned to others, library books, mall returns, etc. I try to put everything in there the night before so it is ready for the morning.

Chest of Drawers

I used to have these clear bins with lids with labels that indicated which ones had mitts, gloves, scarves, hats, etc. These were stashed in the closets and stacked on top of one another. It was annoying to get to a bin at the bottom and also to remove the lid and then put it all back. I decided to get a chest of drawers and change out the contents seasonally. So much better!!!

Happy Spring Cleaning!!

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