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Breakfast smoothies sitting on the counter.

You’re a new mom, congrats! Welcome to motherhood where you will experience mom guilt, receive glorious snuggles and constantly eat meals on the go.

After a long sleepless night, breakfast is going to be the last thing on your mind. Luckily, there is an easy way to stay nourished all while caring for your new babe.

Evive is a smoothie company that is dedicated to providing their customers with 100% organic whole fruits and vegetables, nutritious superfoods and plant-based proteins.

So how does it work? Making a smoothie doesn’t need to be complicated. All you do is pop, wait and shake! No blender needed. You get all the right ingredients without the extra hassle and you won’t find yourself skipping meals!

There are several different flavours to choose from including my favorites YIN, AZTEQUE, PURE & SAPHIR. There is no sugar added, they are GMO & gluten free, vegan, and certified organic.

I’ve made these nourishing grab n’ go shakes part of my routine because I want to continue to make healthy habits a priority even with our hectic lifestyle. Visit the Evive website and order yours online today!

A pile of Evive smoothies on the counter.

Evive smoothies

Evive smoothie packs on a counter.

A girl standing in the kitchen blending a smoothie.

An Evive smoothie sitting on a kitchen counter.

A girl drinking a smoothie in the kitchen.


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