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This post is sponsored by IRIS, but all opinions are my own.

In previous blog posts I’ve talked about September being the perfect time of year to schedule your family in for eye exams. Between the change of season and heading back to school, it’s important to stay on top of our eye health.

With eye exams come the chance to pick out new glasses and today I’m excited to share that IRIS is launching their new house brand – LYA. This is an eyewear brand you will want to see – pun intended. Ha-ha!

I have been wearing contacts since junior high. I won’t tell you how many years ago that was because then you’ll know how old I really am! But I used to not wear glasses a lot because I had trouble finding ones that I absolutely loved. I have to say that LYA has so many frames that are modern and cool and just my style. There’s also a huge variety to accommodate the many styles and preferences out there.

The LYA – or “Love You All” – collection is designed by Cendrine O. who is also the designer behind brands like Ziggy and Jean Reno. IRIS’s new house brand is really impressive; I personally believe it’s comparable to the many designer eyewear collections IRIS has instore. Fortunately, these glasses will be sold at a price much more affordable than most major designer brands. And we can all agree that we love lower price points, especially when the whole family needs glasses!

When it comes time for your next appointment, book it at any IRIS location and be sure to check out their new LYA brand and tell me what you think.

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