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The perfect winter boots for Canadian winters.

This blog post is sponsored by Cougar Boots. All opinions and experiences are my own.

You know what I’m not a fan of? Winter! You know what I dislike even more? Cold wet feet caused by poorly insulated boots.

You’re probably thinking “well Sarah, if you hate winter, why do you live in Canada?” I often wonder the same thing. Despite the snow and cold, Calgary is a very beautiful city with lots to offer. Anyone who lives here knows that we can experience all four seasons in one day. It’s wild!

We live about 45 minutes from the mountains which not only gives us spectacular views, but Chinook winds as well. That warm wind blows down from the Rocky Mountains and is always welcomed, but the melting snow turns to slush which later freezes into ice making it very slippery. That is how we get cold wet feet!

Being a mom of two sweet girls means we spend a lot of time outdoors. It’s important to find proper footwear for my family to keep our feet dry and warm while we’re exploring and playing in the slush and snow.

A girl sitting on a wooden fence playfully kicking one leg out forward.

Have you heard of Cougar Shoes? I don’t know how I didn't know of them before, but I came across them recently and I’m in love! They are a Canadian based company established over 70 years ago; 1948 to be exact! I think it’s safe to say they know our Canadian winters!

I’ve been wearing the Tacoma Shearling Winter Boot and it’s amazing. They are so soft and comfortable it honestly feels like I’m wearing slippers! It is not a secret that I love staple colors and the Tacoma comes in Tan, Black and Taupe. I find a lot of brands don’t fit my feet properly but the Tacoma Boot was a perfect fit and they run true to size! Shopping was quick and easy.

A girl sitting outside on wooden steps tossing leaves up into the air.

Cougar shoes has an ‘Always Waterproof’ promise on their winter boots. They’ve mastered several techniques and steps to ensure your feet stay dry including sealing their seams, adding a waterproof membrane inside, using quality leather, and thousands of tests that submerge their shoes in water! The ‘Always Waterproof’ promise is even guaranteed for a full six months after purchase!

These boots are not only amazing for wet weather, but they’ve been designed for temperatures to -24C/-11F.

A girl sitting on a wood fence wearing stylish tan boots.

Tacoma Boots feature a double-faced shearling leather which is renowned for its softness, breathability and moisture-wicking properties that keep your body temperature regulated regardless of temperature fluctuations. The natural crimp of the wool creates insulating air spaces that retain body heat! The boots also come up mid-calf so when I’m walking out the door with both kids and I haven’t shovelled the sidewalk yet, that foot of snow is no challenge. No time to sit down and tie up boots with laces?...... these boots slide on and off easily!

A girl tying her warm winter boots up while sitting on the steps outside.

Tacoma Boots have a lightweight, anti-slip polyurethane outsole so I don’t have to worry about slipping and hurting myself or Noa!

Despite my dislike for winter, I still love seeing the excitement it brings to my girls’ faces. I love being able to continue exploring and having fun outdoors while keeping warm and dry so I don’t miss a thing with my little adventurers!

A girl wearing warm winter boots outside in the fall.


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