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Does anyone else find making a doctor’s appointment tedious? Don’t get me wrong, I love my doctor, but to make an appointment, wait for the appointment, drive to the clinic, wait again with a child who is impatient and then go to the pharmacy, is a pain. To top that off, this entire pregnancy has me fighting horrible heartburn! I needed some serious relief!

I found an app in the App Store called GOeVisit SmartExam App (also available via Google Play) and it is a definite game changer! You can use it 24/7 from anywhere in Canada. I simply created a profile, chose the category for heartburn, answered thorough questions about my symptoms, chose my preferred pharmacy location and waited for my call back! The physician I spoke to minutes later was so sweet and understanding and provided me with several treatment options. The best part was that I learned I was only taking HALF the dose of her suggested medication. I’m so relieved to know that I can increase the frequency and get some relief - Phew!

Now your first thought is probably “who was this mystery physician?” but don’t worry, because the professional you speak with are certified Canadian healthcare professionals including licensed nurse practitioners and doctors who specialize in the delivery of virtual care. The second thought you’re having is probably about security since you’ve just dished out a lot of personal info. Rest assured, your privacy and security are a top priority for GOeVisit. The only information collected is what is absolutely necessary to deliver their service effectively. Any transmitted information is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, the same security used in banking. They ensure that your login credentials are securely collected and stored following industry standards.

With over 450 minor illnesses in their database, GOeVisit can diagnose, treat and prescribe for things like coughs, colds and flu, allergies to general medical concerns, minor injuries, birth control (Ha! A little too late!), pediatric care, and lucky for me, heartburn, all through a mobile app. So now, instead of making a doctor’s appointment for a minor ailment, I have control over my own health, needs and schedule.

Should I encounter any future concerns, for myself or my family, I know where to come first! Register now and experience the convenience of medical care at your fingertips! Click HERE to get your first visit for free when you sign up!

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