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A Silk + Snow Mattress Review

Is there anything more valuable than sleep?! With a young daughter and a baby on the way I'm all about getting as much rest as I possibly can right now and that rest needs to be quality sleep. I'm talking no tossing and turning, no waking up because your partner won't stop moving beside you, no horrible back aches because your mattress sags kind of sleep.

My husband and I replaced our old mattress with a Silk + Snow Mattress a couple of years ago and when it came time to move into our new home, we decided to upgrade all of our other mattresses to the beloved Canadian brand. We all know buying a bed can be super confusing with so many options out there, so I have outlined the differences between each mattress offered to help you decide which one is right for you!

Silk + Snow, like I mentioned, is a Canadian company with all materials sourced in Canada and all manufacturing done here as well. They offer two quality, luxury mattresses; the S+S Mattress and the S+S Hybrid. Both mattresses are similar in firmness; the S+S Mattress is rated 5.5/10 with the S+S Hybrid coming in at 6.5/10.

A mother and daughter reading together in bed on a silk and snow mattress.

The S+S Mattress has 10” Foam Construction and adapts and contours to all body types and sleeping styles. It’s plush yet still provides exceptional support and pressure point relief. The absolute best part is that it has ZERO motion transfer! So, anyone who has a partner, like mine, who tosses & turns a lot in the night, won’t feel a thing! Hallelujah! The cover to this mattress is antimicrobial and zips off for convenient washing. This is the mattress my husband and I have in our bedroom and I LOVE it!

Two kids jumping on a silk and snow mattress in front of a rainbow wallpaper wall.

The S+S Hybrid has 12” Foam with Pocketed Coil Construction providing better bounce with a more responsive feel. The Hybrid Mattress has Zoned Support so it will feel firmer under your hips and softer under your shoulders. All motion transfer is absorbed and because of the cooling gel foam and breathable pocketed coils, you stay cool in those hot summer months! The cover of this mattress is an antimicrobial quilted cover and the durable foam encased perimiter provides fantastic edge support and no sagging. We chose this mattress for my daughter's bedroom and I can honestly say she sleeps wonderfully at night!

With each purchase from Silk + Snow you receive a 15 year warranty including a 100 night, risk-free trial. The mattresses are delivered conveniently to your doorstep in a compact box and shipping is FREE! If you aren’t happy with your mattress, they will happily come pick it up for you no questions asked. I seriously doubt anyone feels this way very often, but the extra guarantee is always nice! You can read all about it on their website HERE.

Ready to have the best sleep of your life? Head on over to the website to see the comparison chart and shop for your next mattress! You can also read all about my first Silk + Snow review HERE.

A little girl and boy playing on the bed as a pink sheet is fanned above them.

A little girl and boy laughing on the bed as a blanket is lifted above their heads while they lay on a silk and snow mattress.

A mother and daughter cuddling on the bed together under a pink blanket on their silk and snow mattress.

A girl resting on the silk and snow mattress of her bed with her cat laying beside her.

A grey cat standing on a white  silk and snow mattress

A little boy laying on the bed holding a stuffed animal.

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