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I have the coolest product to share with you today. Kids go crazy over the AirFort and moms love because it literally takes seconds to set up!

This fort was designed by a father/daughter team with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Luciana and Ed had been making "air forts" for years before they finally decided they could be on to something. After officially launching their company in 2015, this duo realized they weren't the only ones who loved the concept.

Families have been loving the AirFort because it takes no set up time and your kids aren't tearing your living room apart to build it! That means no toys everywhere and the couch cushions are staying....wait for it....ON THE COUCH!! (Moms, I know you love this part because I sure do!!!)

The fort comes in two color options and a 20" box fan or 18" floor fan will take care of the "set up" for you!

I'm already dreading being stuck inside all winter, but AirFort just made our Canadian winters a little more manageable. I see a lot of playtime, movies, and indoor picnics for Isla and I in our future!

The most exciting part is that AirFort now ships to Canada!! You can grab yours on the AirFort website!

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