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Have a few holiday parties on the calendar this year? With an overabundance of yummy cookies, greasy/cheesy/meaty morsels and spiked eggnog, it’s far too easy to overindulge, and pay for it the next day!

Unfortunately taking the next day off is not an option for parents right? Here are my top five tips to help you make party food and drink choices that you won’t regret the next day:

  1. Try to arrive with a satisfied tummy, instead of a starving. Don’t skip dinner or other meals throughout the day, so you can justify bingeing on desserts later. We all know that moderation is not an option when you’re starving. Instead, anything & everything in sight will be consumed as quickly as possible!

  2. Choose your favourites and leave the rest. If your favourite is shortbread cookies but you don’t love chicken wings…. leave the wings off your plate and really enjoy what tastes best to you.

  3. Then fill the rest of your plate with fruit or veggies, to fill your tummy and get nutrients at the same time.

  4. Don’t hang out near the snack table. You’ll have no idea how much you’re eating as you constantly pick at the food during your conversation.

  5. Watch the alcohol –add in the cranberry juice, pop or eggnog and you have a meals worth of calories in a glass. Try soda water as a mix instead, if you will be drinking. Extra water is never a bad thing!

Given these tips, also remember that there are 21 meals in a week and 52 weeks in the year. Following the 80/20 rule, maybe this party is your chosen 20%. And that’s ok. Happy Holidays!

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