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Whether your summer is full of road trips or day-trips to the park, if your kids are like mine, their first question is “Do you have any snacks mom?” Us moms have to be prepared to avoid hangry kids and repeated, expensive trips to the lake ‘snack shack’ store. Here are some ideas for easy, portable snacks:

1) Fresh fruit is easy to grab and healthy. But can be a mushy, juicy mess at the bottom of your diaper bag! I love dehydrated fruit, which is becoming easier to find at your Cost-co or grocery store. Bonus –it’s very light to lug around!

2) Dried fruit and nuts (or trail-mix) are another go-to for my kids. It’s energy and nutrient-dense, and doesn’t take up too much space in the diaper bag! You can also make your own snack mix with add-ins like: whole grain cereal, popcorn, pretzel sticks pumpkin or sunflower seeds, nuts & your favourite dried fruit.

3) Keep baggies of sliced veggie sticks in the fridge for easy-to-grab snacks. It may not be the most popular snack, but if your kids are actually hungry, they will be more likely to eat them!

4) Cheese strings or Babybel are easy to bring along, if it’s not too hot out or they won’t spend long enough in your bag to get “sweaty.”

5) Homemade muffins or granola bars. I try to avoid a lot of the packaged granola bars, as they are full of sugar and low on nutrients. You can check out Monica’s granola bar recipe.

Here is one of my favourite cookie recipes:

What are your favourite on-the-go snacks for your kids?

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