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When styling a room, I see paint as the foundation of it all. It sets a tone and helps bring everything else in the room to life.

Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore is the paint color we decided to go with for the walls, all of our trim and doors in our new home. White walls are my absolute favourite! I love how bright and airy they make a home feel. We have our basement bar and butlers pantry cabinetry done in Racoon Fur by Benjamin Moore which is the perfect dusty grey blue. Our main kitchen cabinets are White Dove by Benjamin Moore because they ended up matching the walls the closest. When Chantilly Lace was done on a cabinet it just didn't look the same. It was way too warm. This is why it is so important to pay attention to the finish and material being used. Paint can look so different depending on the light, the surface being painted, or the type of paint being used.

Best White Paint colors
Best Black Paint Colors

But does anyone else agree that finding a paint sample on a tiny card is the worst thing ever? How does anyone choose a color from that sample sheet?! Not to mention, some colors look the same and you need to decide if you want red undertones or yellow or neutral. It’s hard and exhausting!

Girl. I feel you. I’m here for you.

These are my tips and tricks when finding your perfect home color;

Style Savvy

Bohemian, Country, Contemporary, Modern… there are so many interior styles out there! Maybe you’ve known your style for a long time or perhaps you’re just finding it, either way, exploring your interior design style is a lot of fun! My personal choice is a mix between mid-century modern and modern farmhouse.

Set the Mood

This is a pretty simple question, just ask yourself if you want the room to feel inviting, warm, cozy, cool, calming etc. Colors evoke emotions so trying to figure out how you want to feel in the room is important and you can go from there.

Sample, Sample, Sample

Girl don’t trust those paint cards! Taking home a few sample containers is one of the best things you could do. This way you can try them all on your walls! I did this in my previous house when we were trying to figure out our colors and ended up not liking all 5 colors I brought home. Next to my baseboards, they all looked differed. The simplest whites made my trim look pink - Ahh! I had to go with a white with a red undertone because once it was beside the trim, you couldn’t see the red at all!

These simple steps should help you in discovering your paint colors. Share your favorites with me below!

A kitchen done with dusty blue black cabinets

A white kitchen in a white home.

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