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We are so excited to share our Turks and Caicos experience with you. Going on a vacation together as friends with our families was such a special way to travel that really nurtured the bonds between all of us. Turks and Caicos has been on both of our dream travel destination lists and we were beyond thrilled by the opportunity to explore these beautiful islands located in the West Indies just south of the Bahamas. We stayed in an area called Long Bay, and got to visit Grace Bay, but there is so much to see throughout Turks and Caicos which consists of seven main islands and 40 smaller uninhabited islands. It is truly a tropical paradise, and when we were flying over the islands our little ones were glued to the windows gasping at the turquoise colours and speckles of green islands surrounded by pure white sands.

Two girls walking through the aqua waters off a yacht to a private beach in the ocean in Turks and Caicos on a tropical beach vacation.

Traveling with two families and four small kids amongst us requires a lot of moving parts, organization and teamwork. Thankfully we were fully supported by our host Beach Enclave who we want to highlight today! As we scurried out of the airport with fussy and overly excited children, we were relieved to find our drivers waiting with vehicles all set with age appropriate car seats and friendly smiles. These fantastic drivers became our passionate guides as we explored the island, pointing out beautiful viewpoints and sharing in chats and laughs on our drive to each location we visited.

A little girl in bathing suit holding two watermelon sticks on a beach in Turks and Caicos on a tropical vacation.

Two girls sitting in a pool splashing and kicking the water in Turks and Caicos.

A little girl in a gold romper with lace details stands on a beach with her ear up to a conch sea shell and she listen for the ocean in Turks and Caicos.

Upon arrival to our Beach Enclave Villas, we were awestruck by the sheer beauty of the manicured property and stunning beachfront homes. We were immediately greeted by our butler service who made our transition into the villa seamless. Each of us had been previously introduced to our butlers through a personalized welcoming video, which we felt was such a kind gesture that set the foundation for how much we all connected. From the time that we arrived, until the moment we left, we felt beyond supported by our personal butlers Greg and Sonam. This feature emphasizes the high end, full service that Beach Enclave offers. Within just a few hours of being in our villas, our suitcases were meticulously unpacked, snacks were prepared for us and refreshments were waiting on the patio overlooking the pristine ocean view. Sonam and Greg went above and beyond for us and quickly fit into our family dynamics as if they had been a part of our lives for years. They were kind, happy, giving, accommodating and so playful and engaging with our kids. To this day our children talk about missing them and this is a testament to the love and care they were shown. There wasn't a day that went by that we weren't blown away by the little gestures such as a plate of fresh snacks or fun activities like making animals out of leaves. The personal butler service is a priceless feature for visitors at Beach Enclave which we felt really sets the caliber of their offerings to a custom, high quality experience.

A Butler at the Beach Enclave Villas in Turks and Caicos cuts up a birthday cake for a family as two little girls watching excitedly.

A Butler from the Beach Enclave villas in Turks and Caicos brings two drinks into a room as he smiles at the guests.

The Villas themselves are set directly on miles of stunning beachfront which created the entire ambiance of the stay. Everywhere we walked we were surrounded by the sound of the waves hitting the shoreline and a fresh breeze coming off the ocean. The activity on the ocean was mesmerizing to sit and watch, as these islands are known for kiteboarding and wind sailing, something we are all inspired to try now! The Villas themselves offer a modern coastal feeling with stunning decor and wall to wall windows to bring the outdoor setting in. Beach Enclave strongly believes in a pledge they made to maintain the incredible natural beauty which surrounds the villas, which is seen through their choices in materials, furniture and energy usage. Their commitment is felt throughout the villas and properties as their sustainably motivated efforts reach from interior to exterior.

A view of the back of a modern white Beach Enclave Villa in Turks and Caicos

A modern coastal living room and dining room of a Beach Enclave Villa in tropical Turks and Caicos.

A beautiful modern villa in Turks and Caicos along the beach of white sand and aqua water.

The pledge of Beach Enclave to celebrate the natural environment is also tangibly rooted in the food and beverages they prepare. Greg and Sonam created delicious meals and snacks that had our plates overflowing with freshly made items. From fresh juices, cocktails and smoothies to beautifully prepared salads followed by stunning main course meals that packed flavours we couldn't stop talking about, the entire food and beverage experience each day blew us away! We are beyond grateful for the efforts of our butlers who genuinely care deeply about satisfying the taste buds of each guest, even if one little two year old is craving peanut butter on toast with scrambled eggs for dinner. Everyone finished each meal with huge smiles and very happy tummies!

A woman and her daughter stand in a modern Beach Enclave Villa with a talented chef who is preparing a fresh vegetable dish for dinner.

A family sits at a dinner table at a Beach Enclave Villa in Turks and Caicos for a dinner prepared by a chef.

Our itinerary was beautifully planned by Beach Enclave, a service that we believe is amazing for those who really want to explore and experience all that Turks and Caicos has to offer. We had the opportunity to dine at both casual and more formal restaurants which was a fun dynamic for us and the kids! The restaurants we ate at were Da Conch Shack and Grace's Cottage! We also went on a bunch of excursions that were absolutely amazing such as horseback riding along and IN the ocean with Provo Ponies, Fishing with Catchin' Caicos and a private sunset cruise with Privé Fine Ocean Charters. Beach Enclave also organized some in villa activities such as a Private Chef dining experience, an In Villa Spa Day with couples massages and Mani/Pedis, as well as a private Yoga session hosted by Lizzie, a wonderful on site instructor! BE also put together an unforgettable day at a nearby beach with Kayaks, Snorkels and Stand Up Paddleboards which ended with the most picturesque sunset and lots of very full hearts. As you can see, a stay at Beach Enclave isn't just a stay, it is a full service experience that aims to create your most ideal getaway while ensuring that you are relaxed and taken care of in the process.

A mother with long blonde hair and her daughter with long brown hair sit together at a pedicure as they smile at each other lovingly.

A white yacht floats in the aqua waters near Turks and Caicos as a family swims and plays in the water.

A girl with long blonde hair in a pink dress standing on a boat I the middle of the ocean in Turks and Caicos with aqua water surrounding her as she drinks from a champagne glass.

A little girl and her Dad speed across the water on a seado in the aqua water of the ocean near Turks and Caicos.

Finally, we wouldn't be able to paint a picture of Beach Enclave without talking about the people. The entire BE Team is unlike anything we have experienced before. You are connected with a tribe that quickly becomes family, and together with that family you paint a picture of your wildest dreams and they make it happen. Not only that, but they passionately take care of all of the moments in between from getting from point A to point B, unpacking/packing, child minding, laundry, dishes and all of the things we juggle on a day to day basis, all in order to preserve our time with our kids and one another. This feature alone - to have that precious time to immerse ourselves in the beauty of Turks and Caicos with our friends and little ones, was such a gift. The staff were kind, professional and warm and they sincerely made our trip.

A mother and her toddler son lay on a beach chair on the beach cuddling together in a towel.

The hardest part of our experienced during our time at Beach Enclave was leaving, and this is such a reflection of the comfort and ease of our time there. We had formed such a special bond with the team at BE and had so much gratitude in our hearts for all that they had done for us, that it felt like we were parting from family. This is how special a stay at Beach Enclave is. It is an immersive experience of the heart surrounded by the most beautiful, tranquil setting and deeply nurtured by people who genuinely care about your happiness. We felt changed by the people, the food, the culture, the landscape and the unforgettable memories we made along the way. Beach Enclave is a true gem, and their offerings create a nourishing environment that allowed us all to reconnect, breathe, play and tune into the joy of life and for that we are forever grateful. For more information about Beach Enclave or to inquire about booking with them, head to their website.

A little girl stands beside a a heart drawn in the sand on an island in Turks and Caicos.

A tropical vacation in Turks and Caicos with Beach Enclave is the dream getaway you need to experience.

A tropical travel guide for the most Instagram worthy spots in Turks and Caicos with Beach Enclave.

A travel guide for the most Instagram worthy spots in tropical Turks and Caicos with Beach Enclave.

A travel guide for the most Instagram worthy spots in tropical Turks and Caicos with Beach Enclave.

A travel guide for the most Instagram worthy spots in tropical Turks and Caicos with Beach Enclave.


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