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The perfect boho nursery.

It's all about boho, baby! I'm swooning over this new trend in nursery design - so much so that I decided it would be the perfect fit for our next little lady! I love the mix match feel of a boho nursery, and whether you are taking a tribal twist with it by adding deer heads and teepees, or sticking with the more traditional floral, bohemian vibe - the boho baby nursery is a trend I don't mind seeing stick around for a while.

You definitely don't need everything from the list below, but try adding a few of your favourites to complete your boho vibe! I also added some llamas and I think they created the perfect nursery feel!


Lighting always adds a special touch to any room. Wooden beads automatically add a boho feel and the right bulb will add a soft warm glow!

Beaded Chandelier: Homesense

A bohemian inspired baby nursery.


Wall hangings come in all colors and sizes and you can usually find them for a decent price nowadays. I chose this neutral toned one with tiny gold geometric shapes to use in place of artwork above the dresser.

Wall Tapestry: Homesense

A white dresser in a baby nursery with a wall tapestry hung above.

A faux llama head hanging in a baby nursery.


Macrame is a popular choice for plant holders, baskets or bins and even wall decor. We added a tiny modern woven macrame hanging from a local artist to this fun peg board.

Macrame Hanging: Sachi and Jun

A wooden peg board with a lace and grey baby romper hanging from it.


A great way to add a playful vibe to a nursery is by adding pom poms! I chose to add a pom pom bin for books and the llama head on the wall has adorable pom poms on the ear. You could even add a pom pom edged blanket!

Llama Head: All4Monkey

Pom Pom Bin: Buy Buy Baby

Fringe Blanket: Jac + Jae Designs

A faux llama head hanging on the wall of a kids room.

A pregnant woman standing by the crib in her nursery looking at a baby romper.

A peachy blanket hanging over the edge of a crib.


In my opinion these details make the space! Our dusty teal wallpaper was done in a subtle but impactful "phases of the moon" pattern that works perfectly with the gorgeous rainbow print I hung above the crib. I chose this adorable peg board to hang some of the baby's accessories on as well!

Phases of the Moon Wallpaper: Rocky Mountain Decals

Rainbow Print: Little Lief Creative

Peg Board: Laco Handmade

Llama Doll: Cuddle and Kind

A framed rainbow print hanging above the crib in a nursery.

A baby romper hanging from a wooden peg board in a nursery.

A cuddle and kind llama doll next to a llama print in a nursery.


Wicker bassinets are all the rage right now and they lend themselves perfectly to the boho style. If you aren't feeling the bassinet, you could opt for a braided basket to hold toys, blankets or books.

Similar Bassinet: Mmabia Baskets

A beautiful bohemian baby nursery.


No green thumb? No problem! Real or faux plants add life and warmth to a space and you can find some pretty convincing replicas out there. A felt floral garland adds the perfect amount of femininity and they make a great DIY project if you feel like getting crafty!

Floral Garland: The Grey Rose

Llama Plant Holder: Similar

Faux Plant: Ikea

A llama plant pot with green grasses in it.

A felt floral garland hanging off an accordian rack in a nursery.


Mushroom Night Light: Little Belle Nightlights

Baby Rompers: Tate & Adele

Lamb Doll: Cuddle + Kind

Dresser: Wayfair

Infant Lounger: Snuggle Me Organic


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