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A tiny baby laying on the bed smiling.

I’ve teamed up with @johnsonsbabyca to create this post. Like always, all opinions are my own.

Have you ever looked at a newborn and wondered what that creamy white paste on their skin is? It’s called Vernix and it protects babies from harmful bacteria, but it also has moisturizing properties. The human body does some pretty cool things if you ask me!

A newborn baby looking over her mom's shoulders.

During my pregnancy with Noa I learned the World Health Organization suggests delaying your baby’s first bath for at least 24hrs. However, going a bit longer and delaying Noa’s first bath for almost a week felt right to me. Don’t worry though, we still wiped her down in spots because messes happen! My husband and I wanted Noa to get all the benefits of vernix before we lathered her up.

A baby smiling happily at the camera.

A baby laying on the bed beside some bath products.

Making sure Noa had the best start at life was very important to us of course. Once the vernix is gone, your baby needs all the help they can get when it comes to keeping their delicate and sensitive skin hydrated. It was essential to find products that avoided disrupting Noa’s skin barrier and replenished any moisture lost during bathing. Maintaining that intoxicating new baby scent was pretty high on my list of priorities too. Are you as obsessed with the dreamy newborn smell as I am?!

A mom kissing her baby on the cheek.

We chose to use the JOHNSON’S® COTTONTOUCH™ line because 96% of the ingredients are naturally derived and it’s free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates or dyes. The CottonTouch™ line is ultra light and perfectly PH balanced. The wash and shampoo have a velvety lather that is so hydrating and soft on Noa’s skin and the lotion absorbs quickly and gets rid of any flakey patches. We live in a super dry city so moisture is a huge concern of mine!

A mom and her baby having a bath.

Baby floating in dads hands in the bath

I’m so happy that Noa loves bath time and I’m grateful for gentle products like the JOHNSON’S® COTTONTOUCH™ line because I can focus on what really matters.

How did your little one love their first bath? Tell me below!


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