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Here are 8 key aspects that identify Scandinavian interior design and make it one of the most sought after styles.

1. Wood Flooring

Wood floors really open and brighten a space up so you would never see wall to wall carpet in a Scandinavian home. You want a natural blank foundation that creates an open and airy feeling. Beech, ash, and pine are commonly used in this design trend.

2. Soft, Neutral Colors

Scandinavian winters are quite long and dark so lighter colors are brought in to keep areas bright and welcoming. Consider using pale or muted pinks, purples, browns, and greys. These colors help add dimension and warmth without being too bold.

3. Light Woods and Metals Combined

We talked about how important wood is in Scandinavian design and you can add onto it by adding in some simple and stunning metal accents.

4. Modern, Clean Lines

Scandinavian design was very popular at the same time mid-century modern was. You'll see some very similar aspects between the two including furniture with clean, simple lines.

5. Less is More aka No Clutter

Because Scandinavian homes were traditionally quite small, there was no room for any excess so simplicity and functionality have become an important aspect of this style. Think about using storage pieces as decor such as baskets and racks.

6. Plenty of Natural Light

The goal is to get as much natural light pouring into your home as possible. So minimal window coverings, like sheer curtains, are ideal. You may even want to have no coverings at all!

7. Plants and Greenery

Scandinavian style is quite earthy. By adding plants to your home, not only are you bringing your space to life but you're throwing in these beautiful splashes of color.

8. Warm Cozy Textiles

Sheepskin, worn leather, and wool add cozy textures and warmth. Also consider natural textures like burlap, cotton, or jute to create a more organic space.


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