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Sunglasses are one of those small accessories that make a big impact! They are relatively inexpensive and easy to switch out so it’s no surprise people love having a few options to choose from. In 2019 we are seeing less chunky acetate and more thin metal frames. I’ve partnered with IRIS to share a few of our favorite trends this year! Head to the website to shop these styles and more!

Bring on the Color

If you already own a few pairs of classic sunnies than this trend is for you! 2019 is full of color and we don’t mean just a hint of it. Think bold lenses done in all your favorite hues and frames to match. This is a great way to liven up any outfit.

Top Bar or Double Bar Styles

Often seen on Aviator styles, the top bar or double bar trend is a subtle way to make a statement. This style adds a cool sophistication to an already classic look.

Iconic Aviator

This timeless shape is more of a staple than a trend. Aviators are versatile and look great on everyone. Mix it up with metallic details on the frame and a classic pair of black lenses. You can never go wrong with this iconic style.

Geometric Shapes

This category includes anything from heart shaped to hexagons. Geometric shapes are a great way to stand out from the crowd.


Probably my favorite trend of the season, translucent sunglasses are both elegant and minimalistic. Choose the right shape to play with your features and don’t be afraid to go big. Oversized is your friend on this one.



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