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A baby after bath time laying on her blanket beside some body wash and lotion.

This post is sponsored by @Johnsonsbabyca. All opinions are my own.

Right from the get-go, Noa has been a fabulous sleeper. She still wakes once in the night to eat, but she’s not colicky like Isla was and she is quick to go back to sleep. Now that Noa is almost 4 months old we’re working on establishing a solid nighttime schedule starting with a consistent bedtime routine. No parent wants bedtime to drag on for hours and we wanted to create healthy habits early on. The routine I’m going to share with you was developed by JOHNSON’S® to help baby sleep better in just 7 days: a warm bath, followed by a gentle massage and quiet time is clinically proven to help baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

An older sister cuddling her smiling younger baby sister before bath time.

Bath Time

A nice warm bath is a great way to relax my little ones. Not only does it help them to wind down, it helps them to recognize that it is nighttime and that bedtime is just around the corner. We love using JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® products because their NATURALCALM® aromas help to promote relaxation.

A mom giving her baby girl a massage with some lotion after a bath.

A mom sitting on the bed with her baby kissing her own the cheek as the baby looks at the camera.

Massage and Jammies

After the girls have a bath, it’s lotion time with JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® Lotion. Not only does this product smell amazing because of the NATURALCALM® scent, but it’s hypoallergenic and specifically designed for children. You don’t have to worry about your little one’s sensitive skin. Noa loves her nightly lotion massages that leave her skin feeling soft, hydrated and smooth.

A white wall of white shelves lined with some colourful children's books.

Story Time

Once jammies are on and teeth are brushed its quiet time. We all snuggle up on Isla’s bed with a couple of her favorite books. Isla loves to read and loves new stories and so the favorites change almost weekly! You might think Noa is too young for this part, but she is actually very engaged in what we are doing. Babies may not understand what’s being read, but they love colour and Noa is enthralled with the pictures on the pages we read. I’m all about exposing my girls to as much reading as possible!

A little girl hugging and kissing her sleepy newborn baby sister.

Snuggle Time

After we tuck Isla into bed with hugs and kisses, it’s time for snuggles with sweet baby Noa. Noa loves drinking her bottle while we rock in her chair and I sing to her as we sit together. I love the smell of the JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® Lotion, so I’m usually giving her tons of kisses on the top of her head as she drifts off. With both of the girls, we keep the lights dim during this time to promote rest and relaxation.

A little baby girl laying on the bed holding her moms hand.

Consistency is Key

Little ones love routine and they feel safest when they know what to expect. When creating your bedtime routine, make sure you stick to it every night; consistency is key! Also, try to keep your routine simple so that no matter where you are, you’re able to continue it. Flexibility is also important so an extra 5 minutes of lullabies or snuggles is okay as long as the basic schedule still stands.

I love our nighttime routine and the snuggles it brings. What does your nighttime routine include?

A baby girl laying on the bed smiling at the camera after her bath.

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