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IRIS Eye Exam Information

You probably saw recently in this post that I discovered a major change in my eyes while at a recent eye exam with IRIS. This change is most likely related to pregnancy and I was blown away to learn about all the ways being pregnant can affect your vision and eye health. During my visit we decided against getting new glasses until after baby comes because the changes I see now will likely be reversed in a few months. I did, however, need to purchase new contact lenses because my supply is quite low and let’s face it, I can’t see with my old prescription anymore!

One thing IRIS is fantastic at is providing patients with options that are specific to your needs and budget. IRIS has developed an iProfile app to use in stores that consists of a series of questions that help IRIS professionals and team members to better address your visual needs. Whether it’s your lifestyle, budget or taste, the IRIS team will have you covered! You can read more about it HERE!

During my exam, my Optometrist asked me a variety of questions about my history, my lifestyle and daily activities, my budget, and personality. It was important for her to understand my needs and how my new contacts fit into my daily life. We determined that pregnancy was causing my eyes to feel extra dry and contacts that moisturized the surface of my eye were a must! It was also a priority to choose a lens that was not only comfortable, but convenient.

Once my prescription was completed, my Optometrist was able to recommend options to improve my vision while ensuring the health of my dry eyes. They quickly direct billed my insurance company and my order was placed. It was so easy and my new contact lenses have made a world of difference in my day to day life.

Contact IRIS to book your next eye exam!

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