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Do you ever have those days where you just need more hours to get things done? Between ballet lessons, preschool, packing, moving, unpacking, and preparing for our 2nd little girl, we’re always on the go and the last thing I want to be worrying about is household duties like grocery shopping!

BUT, gone are the days of walking aisle to aisle trying to find the will to not buy that chocolate bar or those dill pickle chips – who needs to battle self-control when you’re pregnant?! Thank goodness for online ordering! Not every grocery store has this perk, but I’m so excited that Costco does. Not only do I get to shop my favourite store, online and at my convenience (oh, hello midnight cravings), but I get it shipped to my doorstep AND it makes it easy to stay on budget which is important for our growing family!

Mother and daughter in the kitchen unloading groceries

Costco is known for being the best place to buy in bulk and get sweet deals. Well to make it even sweeter, Aeroplan Members can earn Aeroplan Miles on everyday purchases at This is exciting for our adventurous travel loving family!

By signing in to your account, you can register and link your Costco membership number to your Aeroplan number. Every time you shop on and use the code AEROPLAN at checkout, you earn 1 mile for every $1 spent. I love that it’s so easy to earn Aeroplan Miles while filling my pantry and stocking up on all the things we will need for our new baby. Watching the miles build up definitely makes me excited for our future travels!

Some groceries purchased at Costco laying on a table

If you don’t have a Costco membership, no need to worry! You can still earn 1,000 bonus Aeroplan Miles when you sign up for a Gold Star Membership or 2,000 bonus Aeroplan Miles when you sign up for the Executive Membership, which also gets you 2% money back each year on your purchases from Costco. Yay for extra savings!

If you aren’t yet an Aeroplan Member, no worries!

You can join here:

Don’t forget to look out for promo code offers throughout the year to earn even more Aeroplan Miles!

What are your favourite Costco products? I love the Kind Bars and the Kirkland Baby Wipes!

A mother and daughter unloading some groceries purchased at costco

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