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If you are going on your first trip or you are a seasoned adventurer, you’ll eventually need to purchase some luggage. The holidays are a perfect time to give the traveller in your life a new suitcase, bag, passport case or pouch! I’ve had the opportunity to use many pieces from the popular brand Away and I’m going to share why they are on the top of my gifting list this holiday season!

Away Style

Away just released a limited holiday winter collection called the Solstice collection done in new colors, finishes and fabrics. The two new iridescent colors emulate the northern lights and beaming starlight. This minimalistic collection is inspired by the global occasion that ties together opposite forces – no matter what side of the world you are celebrating on. For a limited time, you can shop two gorgeous new suitcases shades (Halo and Aurora) along with beautiful new Everywhere Bags, passport cases and pouches.

A girl sitting on some stacked luggage holding up a passport excited about her travels.


These hard-shell beauties can definitely take a beating! The outer shell is made of a lightweight, unbreakable polycarbonate material and boasts a scratch resistant surface. It will bend under pressure, but never break. Each piece has premium 360-degree wheels, YKK zippers and TSA approved locks. If anything were to ever happen to the suitcase, the lifetime warranty has you covered. There’s nothing like giving a gift that’s protected for life!

A cute tabby cat laying in a white suitcase.

Storage and Functionality of Away

When it comes to the holidays and my loved ones, I try and shop for gifts that are functional and useful. Away has created a series of items to make up the perfect travel uniform for each unique person. Whether it’s a large suitcase paired with an Everywhere Bag or a carry-on suitcase matched with a travel pouch, there’s something for everyone.

Each Away suitcase has two compartments, one for shoes and toiletries and the other for clothes. A buckle down compression pad helps free up extra space and maximize the inside of your bag. Away came up with a solution for dirty laundry and included a zipper pouch in each bag that acts as a removable laundry bag. I love keeping my dirty clothes apart from my clean ones because it’s easier to keep track of what needs to be washed once I get home.

I can’t forget to mention one of my favorite aspects of Away’s carry-on luggage, an ejectable battery that charges your phone up to 5 times. I can’t tell you how many times this charger has saved me in the airport when all of the charging stations were full!

Save yourself the hassle of battling those mall lineups this holiday season and give the gift that keeps on giving! Away suitcases and bags are sure to bring a smile to your loved one's face this year! The Solstice collection is limited edition so click HERE to shop while you can!

An open suitcase laying on the floor filled with some beautiful clothing and a passport.

Girl standing with some white luggage and a black carry on bag ready for holidays.

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