• Sarah Nantel


If you’re anything like me, you get your own yearly eye exams done, but you’ve wondered when you should be taking your children for their first eye exam. Infants should actually have their first eye exam at 6 months old and every year going forward! You’ll want to make sure your child’s eyes are developing normally and there are no issues with the structures inside the eyes. Early intervention is important.

Isla has had an eye exam in the past, but it was time for another one. Eye exams are important for addressing any vison problems that may exist because these issues can affect learning. With preschool coming up in September I figured now was a perfect time to go!

We arrived at IRIS and Isla was so excited! She’s usually pretty confident and open to new situations and the staff at IRIS made this experience no different. Isla hopped up in the chair and was fascinated with all of the tools around her. She loved her optometrist and asked him endless questions like toddlers tend to do.

Our appointment was quick and easy and of course free for children 0-18 years old in Alberta. We’re happy to say Isla has perfect vision and won’t need glasses at this point even though she was hoping she would! To book your appointment, head to the IRIS store locator here.


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