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I've decided to start a weekly series to help anyone out there looking to make a business out of their blog or social media accounts. Last week I talked about aesthetics and the importance of having a cohesive feed. This week I want to touch on branding yourself! Pretty photos are great, but it’s also important to have a purpose. Follow along for WEEKLY INSTAGRAM TIPS at #IGWITHHEYSARAHDARLING

Finding your voice!

You need to ask yourself, what can I offer people? What am I passionate about?

Maybe you are into beauty, nutrition, motherhood, or fashion. I love sharing my growth and journey through motherhood (including the good, the bad, and the ugly!!) and the products we love and use daily. Your bio is a great place to define who you are and it sets the tone for your page. Use your captions and your photos to tell a story and to convey your message in this space. Do you love inspiring your audience with quotes, sharing personal experiences, or maybe you want your sense of humor to shine. Find your voice and run with it! This is what sets you apart from everyone else.

Engagement is important!

You want your audience to keep coming back for more so give them a way to interact and engage with your posts and stories. Polls and specific questions are fantastic for encouraging a meaningful connection. Comments are important when it comes to ranking your page in Instagram’s algorithm so make an effort to reply to your followers when they interact on your posts. I appreciate each and every one of the comments I receive!

Get inspired!

There are so many gorgeous and inspiring accounts out there. Take a look at some you love and learn from them. It’s always ok to be inspired by others! It's all about community over competition!

Tell me below how you would describe yourself in a few words. Mine would be creative, hard working and dedicated to the people and things I love!

Follow me on Instagram with the hashtag #IGWITHHEYSARAHDARLING for weekly tips on becoming an influencer!

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