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Instagram is no longer a platform that is just for personal accounts. It has become a great way to grow your business, show off your photography style and meet incredible new friends. I actually met my bestie on Instagram and now our families vacation together twice a year! How cool is that!

For me, Instagram has slowly turned into a business platform where I work as a blogger/influencer. This can seem confusing and overwhelming to a lot of people wanting to get started so I decided to break down the details in a few weekly posts. You guys have so many questions!

Choose a color scheme you love and stick with it!

This week I wanted to touch on one of the most important steps to getting started, taking great photos and discovering your photography style! In order to draw people in you need to have a cohesive feed that clearly shows off who you are. I recommend taking a look at some of your favorite bloggers out there to see what you love about their page. What type of color schemes are you drawn to? Maybe you like a moody look or maybe pops of bright colors are your thing! Whatever look you gravitate towards, make sure you stick with it when editing so you have a cohesive aesthetic.

Editing your photos and camera equipment!

A lot of influencers use their phones and they create some beautiful images! I used to use a Canon T6I camera body and 50mm lens, but I upgraded to a Canon 6D mark 2 and a 35mm 1.4 lens. Do you want to use your phone for photos or a bigger camera? Figure out what you want to shoot with and make sure your images are clear, crisp and in focus.

I love to edit in Lightroom and I use a preset for my photos. (A preset is a tool you apply to your raw photos that gives them the same look using similar colors) There are also so many great apps out there that a lot of bloggers love. Facetune, Snapseed, and Pick Tap Go are all really popular ones! Do you want to edit using an app on your phone or a program on your computer?

Follow me on Instagram with the hashtag #IGWITHHEYSARAHDARLING for weekly tips on becoming an influencer!

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