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TIP 1:

Always start your day with a clean breakfast. How you start your day determines how your day will continue so skip that donut that’s being offered at the office meeting. Keep your morning food clean to ensure you’re feeling good going into your day. Instead choose some scrambled eggs with ½ avocado and a handful of organic cherry tomatoes or a protein shake with almond butter, frozen organic blueberries + a handful of baby greens. Start your day fueling your body with protein and healthy fats and watch how much easier it is to say no to junk food later in the day.

TIP 2:

Work out regularly lifting weight and focus on consistency over intensity. So many people will start off super intense hitting the gym 5 days/week starting January 1st and by March 1st they’re barely going anymore. Don’t burn yourself out by doing too much, too often. Pace yourself by staying active and lifting weights at least 3 times/week focusing on building muscle. It’s the lean muscle that will keep you lean all year long versus those high intensity cardio workouts that burn tons of calories but do nothing for long term weight loss.

TIP 3:

Start to rethink your snacking. It’s best to get in the habit of not snacking between meals. Enjoy your food and eat to the point of feeling energized at each meal and then allow your body to digest and rest before its next meal. Typical snacks are processed foods like chips or crackers and those are not only unhealthy for you but cause cravings for sugar snacks. If you’re hungry and want to have a snack choose an organic apple, handful of almonds or hummus and celery. Think about eating real food.

TIP 4:

Stop eating at least 2 hours before bed if not more! And give yourself up to 12 hours of intermittent fasting before your breakfast if you can (stop eating 7pm, don’t eat breakfast until 7am). This will help your digestive system reset and allow your body to repair and burn fat while you sleep. The worst thing you can do is party all night, stay up eating junkie empty calories and beverages and then wake up 5 hours later and eat again. Your best bet is to give yourself plenty of time before bed to rest and relax without food. You will find that giving your body time to digest prior to bed will have you wake up with more energy as well!

TIP 5:

Stop eating the minute you no longer taste your food! This is a biggie for women. How many times do we keep licking that ice cream, eat that 4th cookie or drink a 3rd glass of wine without remembering how it tasted? Make a conscious decision to eat only what you enjoy and when the pleasure of eating or drinking it is no longer present simply put down. No deprivation or denial require just a whole lot of awareness about what you’re doing! Also consider having a “3 bite rule” when it comes to eating dessert. Enjoy 3 bites and be done. You can never put on weight by having 3 bites of anything!

Jenn Edden is a sugar addiction expert, author and empowerment coach. She healed herself of gastritis at 22 years old and survived a near death gas explosion at 28 yrs old. It became very clear that she had a calling to teach others the same techniques she used to heal herself naturally and break free from her sugar addiction. How many times do you get to the end of our day wishing you could have done it differently and for sure with more energy and feeling like you made smart eating choices all day long! Jenn teaches you how to take back control of what you eat and drink without dieting, deprivation or denial. She delivers real, long lasting results in a simple and manageable way. For quick tips on how to get control of your sugar addiction + grab a copy of Jenn’s book: Woman Unleashed, visit

Jenn Edden, CHHC

Sugar Addiction Expert, Author & Empowerment Coach


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