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Tired of the usual chocolates and flowers? We've compiled a list of unique Mother's Day gift ideas that will last the year!

  • Flowers are a common Mother’s Day gift, but store-bought flowers will turn into a wilted heap within a week or two. If your mom has a garden, why not tailor your gift to that? Avid gardeners go through gloves like pairs of socks. They lose one, or both of them, and wear holes in the fingers and palms. Purchase a sturdy and stylish pair of gardening gloves and personalize it with her name or initials, tools with padded handles or ratchet gears would be an excellent improvement to her toolbox.

  • Does your mom love to cook? Help her start her own herb garden by planting two or three herbs in a large pot! Depending on your mom’s recipes and cooking tastes, consider these herb combinations for a tasty surprise:

Mamma Mia – For the Italian lover, combine sweet basil, rosemary, Italian parsley, and oregano to take her spaghetti sauce to the next level.

Basil Lover – If she already enjoys basil, expose her to the different types such as sweet basil, purple basil, Thai basil, and cinnamon basil.

Happy Hour – Whether she enjoys a glass of iced tea or a spiked option, she can add a twist to any beverage with lemon balm, rosemary, and sweet mint (chocolate, spearmint, peppermint).

The herb combinations are endless, so check out your local home and garden store or pay a visit to a nursery to find herbs she’ll love.

Every woman loves a great kitchen and maybe this year would be a good time to surprise her with a kitchen renovation. A renovation doesn’t necessarily mean a huge change or shelling out major bucks. Below are some easier ways to update a kitchen!

  • Perhaps your mother has been using the same cooking appliances for years. Time and use have faded them and worn them down. Now would be a good time to update her small appliances. Depending on how many people will be going in on the gift, you could splurge and make a bigger purchase such as a new stove or refrigerator.

  • Take a look at her flooring. Years of constant movement may have left them cracked or faded. Surprise her with a day out at the spa and have a contractor come in to fix the floor while she is gone.

  • As we age, the need for proper lighting becomes paramount to avoid eyestrain. Spruce up the kitchen by installing new lighting fixtures. Your mother will thank you when she is able to easily follow along with a recipe or when she is up late at night baking.

  • Perhaps your mom has several minor home repairs on her to-do list, but for whatever reason, she hasn’t gotten around to them or is unable to. Offer your services to her (free of charge of course) and make a day out of it. She’ll appreciate the help, and you’ll give her a gift that will last for years to come.

Mother’s Day is about celebrating all the great moms in the world, so make this one special by giving her a gift she can use even after the holiday is over!

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