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Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to decorate and style my home. I often get bored with the same look and I change things up every few months to keep things interesting. This can get expensive if you are changing out large pieces of furniture so I like to keep those items classic and play with everything else. I'm going to show you in three easy steps how to give your bedroom a facelift without breaking the bank! All of the gorgeous items I used are from The Company Store.

A great pair of sheets is a must! I used to think I had to have white sheets to achieve a modern and airy look, but I was wrong. Adding a touch of color is a great way to add interest to a room without being overpowering or too bold. Colored sheets can break up the layers in your bed and add wanted dimension. I opted for these beautiful Legends 600 Thread Count Sateen Sheets in Rose Quartz and I couldn’t be more in love! The color looks so soft and adds just the right amount of femininity. I don’t like my sheets to be too flimsy or too stiff and so the 600 thread count was perfect for me. I also love the soft and smooth feeling of sateen over the crispness of percale. You can shop these gorgeous sheets here!

Choosing a solid color duvet out of a quality fabric is the next step. People tend to get bored with pattern faster than they do with solids and so I like to keep this larger and often more expensive item as classic as possible. I may have added color to my sheets, but I couldn’t get away from the clean look a white duvet brings! I opted to add texture instead of color and I love the interest it added! The Branson Duvet in White brought just the right amount of fluff and softness and contrasts perfectly against the soft color of the Rose Quartz sheets.

The last step is the fun part! This is where you can play around with color, pattern and texture freely. Throws and accent pillows add an extra layer of comfort and detail. It’s easy to switch these items out if you want a change so don’t be afraid to go bolder. I chose the Alpaca Boucle Check Throw in grey and ivory because it's super cozy and warm, I loved the fun fringed ends and it's hypoallergenic! I also love changing it out and throwing in some blush pink and yellow every once and awhile as well!

There are a couple other things you may want to add to your bedroom to finish off the space. Accent pieces can add a nice personal touch to any bedroom. Try some of the following!

* bedside lamps

* accent pillows

* framed art for above the bed

* a bench for the end of the bed

* plants in pretty accent pots

If anyone has any favorite shops for the things I listed above, I'd love to hear them!


Our gorgeous new bedding was sent to us courtesy of The Company Store so we could share it with you! We love sharing and supporting the brands we are crushing on and this awesome company is definitely one of them!

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