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We all know how precious sleep is and once you have a baby, you value sleep even more! I've always struggled with falling asleep and staying asleep and I thought for the longest time I'm just a bad sleeper. Is that even a thing?! After a recent visit to my physiotherapist, I learned my posture wasn't ideal. I right away made a connection to my sagging mattress. It was time for a change!

I discovered a Canadian mattress company called Silk and Snow and placed my order after comparing similar brands. A few days later my new king sized mattress conveniently showed up on my door step. It was delivered in a pretty blue and white box, very compact, and I was shocked a huge mattress would fit inside!

We opened up the box and unwrapped the new mattress. It slowly began to pouf up and take its shape as we positioned it on our bed frame. The first time I touched the fabric I was impressed with how soft it was. One of my favourite things about the Silk and Snow mattress is that the super soft mattress cover is completely removable and washable. That's right moms, if your child spills or gets sick on your bed you can just quickly unzip the cover and toss it in the wash! Anyone with a toddler knows this feature is worth it's weight in gold! There are also silver threads woven into the mattress cover to naturally prevent the growth of bacteria. You've gotta love science!

I often get asked if a mattress in a box is REALLY that comfortable and people, it is! The three layers of ultra dense memory foam provide the perfect amount of support and pressure relief while keeping you cool throughout the night. I no longer feel my husband toss and turn and I find I reposition and move less myself.

Do yourself a favour and start sleeping better now! Silk and Snow offers a 100 night trial so you can literally sleep on it before you make a final decision. There's also a 15 year warranty because Silk and Snow stands behind the quality of their product! Use code ISLAMAKESTHREE for $100 off your own Silk and Snow mattress!

Sweet dreams friends! xo

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