• Sarah Nantel


Have you ever thought of moving your whole life half way across the world?

And what if your life is not just yours, and you have two little humans to consider?

Well, we are doing just that.

My family and I live in England. That is for the next couple of weeks. In December we have a one way ticket to Calgary, Canada.

A couple of years ago we’ve made a decision to move to another country, and Canada slowly but surely got to the top of our list of places we wanted to live. It has everything we’ve always looked for: lovely people, English and French as the national languages (my husband is French), lots of space.

But where in Canada? We could only consider big cities due to the nature of my husband’s work so the choice was between Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. We were looking for a place that would bring a change to our lives, like nature, affordable housing, space. And in our eyes Calgary has it all!

We have applied for the residence permit as a part of the Canadian Skilled Worker Program and got accepted. And in the process we have welcomed another family member in our lives! The life over the past year has been hectic, exciting, terrifying, full of emotions. I feel like we don’t have time to really think about what’s happening.

My task has been to try and keep our girls’ lives as normal as possible despite our belongings disappearing from their sight (either being sold or shipped). We don’t have any family here to help and we are used to doing everything ourselves but gosh, it’s so difficult. Keeping your cool in front of a toddler and a baby when a big sale falls through or having to drag them out of the house during the nap time for a house viewing as we try to sell it is not your ideal parenting environment.

In the evenings when the girls are in bed, my husband and I do our research about Calgary and it does sound great! So much to do with the kids, although I’m still terrified about how cold it’s going to be. But I guess if people live in Alberta and love it, then it’s good enough for us! We will get used to the snow, we will have a white Christmas, we will make friends, our girls will have an opportunity to go to a French school, we will go skiing, we will spend our summers in one the most beautiful places I have ever been to - Banff National Park. But of course, there is so much more to discover!

Please share with me what your favourite family places are in Calgary and around, or anything that could help a family of French-British transplants in Alberta.

Lily xo