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The back to school season is upon us and I think every mom out there is getting hit hard with the realization that making lunches is often no fun! Putting together a nutritious lunch in the morning takes up too much time and doing it the night before is not how I want to spend my evening.

We decided to go on the hunt for an affordable, healthy and EASY solution for the days us moms just can't get it together. Let's be honest, we ALL have those days and it's OK to admit it! My criteria included: the meals must be fresh, must use real ingredients and must of course be delicious. Even the pickiest eaters must be able to find something they love.

Made Foods, a local company in Calgary, turned out to be the answer to our back to school lunch prayers! With seven locations in the city, most families have relatively easy access to a store where fresh meals prepared by a chef are delivered. The meals are stored in a biodegradable container and although they are best fresh, they can be frozen for later. All ingredients are locally sourced and the menu is changed up seasonally to follow crop rotations with our farmers. Save yourself some time and stop by Made Foods the next time you need a quick, affordable and healthy meal solution. There is something for everyone and the options are YUMMY!!

As an exciting treat for our friends, Made Foods is giving away a weekend of meals for one family! That's no grocery shopping, no food prep and no cooking for ONE WHOLE WEEKEND!! Can I get an AMEN!!! Head to our Instagram page to enter! Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this one!

Photo Credits: MJay Photography

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