• Sarah Nantel


Brights and whites are here this season! Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with an ode to red and white. It’s hard to be shy in these bold patterns and colours. I’m talking about how to transition into that warm weather and my newly found favourite store to shop!

On my recent trip to Quebec City, I had my first visit to a Simons store. Although one has just opened in downtown Calgary, I haven’t had a chance to get down there to check it out. Shopping is serious business and I prefer to take my time without my kids hanging onto my legs begging to leave!

I was looking to update my summer wardrobe with some fun pieces that wouldn’t cost too much. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Simons has an exclusive Twik brand that put a checkmark in both of those categories. Bright colours, tons of different prints, and hundreds of cute items to choose from makes this store such a gem. There are great sales to be had, like this red watermelon cardigan for only $29! It is available in-store and also in a lemon print! I’ve paired it with white pants to give it a clean, summer feel and while still keeping warm in the cool mornings and evenings.

While you are probably buying unicorn and ice cream prints for your daughters, you may be happy to find that these patterns are still popular for adults this season. This trend has caught on with so many retailers and for me that means a little happy dance! Sometimes I think to myself that perhaps I’m too old to still be buying watermelon, pineapple and flamingo patterns but I really can’t help it. Like this red sweater, it just gives the outfit a care-free feel while still keeping it classy. Mixing bold colours is also something you will see this season, like how I’ve added this cobalt blue clutch and red close-toed flats. This stylish ensemble is perfect for work, brunch, outdoor cocktails, backyard barbecue or running errands with your kids.

Not only are these hues great for outfits, but use this inspiration for home décor too! Brighten up your kitchen, living room or outdoor living space with bright whites, pops of colour and prints. Walmart, Chapters Indigo and Winners/Home Sense are all supporting this trend right now. Personally, I find it hard not to buy everything! Even your kids will appreciate pillows with pineapples on them, right?

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