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Hi, I'm Adam. We are a pretty busy little family based in Calgary, AB. I met my wife, Leanne, in Australia 9 years ago and shortly after that moved to England to be closer to her while she was in University. I was only in England for about a year, and then we did the long distance thing until she came to Canada. Fast forward through all of it, and here we are with a 6 month old daughter Ella. Leanne owns and designs for her stationary company (Little Me Paper Co.) and also helps out with Friday Sock Co.

What is your business and what inspired you to start your business?

I design mismatched matching socks. I started my business as a creative outlet while working in corporate sales. I wasn’t completely happy with my career and thought my sock venture could help me find an alternative option. Originally, I wanted to start a few micro businesses, but the sock business turned out to be enough for me (for now).

What is your proudest moment with your business?

There has been a few moments that stand out. One was my wife, Leanne, texting me a picture of a guy wearing my socks downtown. Poor guy was just walking around minding his own business, and Leanne was running after him snapping a photo. The other big proud moment was making the transition from corporate job to full-time at Friday Sock Co. It was pretty scary at first, but when you put as much energy into a passion, as you would an 8-5 job, doors open and things happen.

How do you stay motivated and inspired?

I continue to stay motivated and inspired by the shape the business is taking. We’re growing and expanding and its fun to be part of. Right now we’re getting into kids socks which are really fun to conceptualize designs for. We’re working on multiple projects so getting pulled in different directions keeps me super interested in what’s going on.

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

I don’t! When you are a solo-preneur you have to accept that your life is your work and vice versa. I do find moments during the week that I can get away, and we both work from home quite a bit so playing with the baby in-between nap times eats up any extra free-time. We also try to take the odd Saturday or Sunday to get out of town.

What is your proudest dad moment?

My proudest dad moment was being there for Ella’s birth. I have never been more proud of a human than I was of my wife.

What is your best parenting advice?

I’ve only been a parent for six months so I’m not sure how good my advice will be, but I would say that in the beginning it’s important to not be super hard on yourself. We aren’t given an instruction manual, and there’s no school for parenting that I know of (other than google). So you just gotta do the best you can. Babies don’t understand scheduling, or how important naps are, so just do your best and roll with it.



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Photo #1 and #2 Credit: Lindsey Skeans Photography


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