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Other than the workout itself, what other aspects are daunting and keeping you away from the gym? For me, it is:

  1. Timing - Although it would be nice to follow a schedule. Sometimes it is hard to find a fitness class or program that works perfectly with your life.

  2. Interest - Sometimes I don't start a workout program because I know I will hate it or get bored very soon.

  3. Level of Experience Required - Things that I might be interested in doing, I might not have the previous experience needed.

  4. Efficiency - When I actually make it to a class or program, I want the maximum results. I'm not hoping to look like a supermodel after one session but at least feel like I worked out every possible aspect during that time.

Enter the 9Round Circuit Training Program based in Kickboxing.

You will be paced thru 9 stations 3 minutes at a time, by encouraging and motivating trainers who will make sure you're using correct form and technique as you go. Your entire full body workout is completed in just 30 minutes. In addition to onsite trainers - members utilize 'MyZone' heart rate monitors to further maximize results! The workouts (if done properly) are designed to increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels in the bloodstream. The benefits of increased HGH levels are numerous and substantial. They include enhanced weight loss, increased muscle mass, stronger bones and improved cognitive function to name a few.

9Round also have access to customizable online Nutrition tools that are tailored specifically to you! There is a 'Nutrition Matrix' to provide you with multiple options for every single meal, as well as pre and post workout snacks. They also offer Nutrition and Accountability coaching for no extra cost.

The absolute best thing, wait for it, at 9Round there are NO CLASS TIMES. Every 3 minutes is another opportunity to step into the Circuit and start your workout! Pretty much if they are open, you can just head over and do a workout.

If you think you want to give this try or buy a membership for someone (Father's Day present?), mention the discount code "Milk+Confetti" and get $50.00 off on enrollment. Offer can only be applied to standard pricing and not used in conjunction with other promotions at the Willow Park or Sheppard locations. Offer ends July 14, 2017.

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