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My name is Moon Kyung Kim, and I am a South Korean who moved to Canada six years ago. I have been passionate about art and design for as long as I can remember. My mother was a huge influence for me, as she is an artist herself and encouraged me to be creative and artistic from a very young age. As a kid, I was especially interested in making and molding things with my hands, which ultimately led to my passion for pottery and ceramics.

I pursued my passion for art and design into university, where I got my Fine Arts degree with a major in craft and pottery. While studying at university, I knew that art and pottery was more than just a hobby or passion, I knew I wanted to someday build a business through it. My initial dream was to open my own coffee shop with an attached pottery studio where all of my delicious drinks and pastries would be served on my own hand-made pottery and ceramics pieces (even though I had never baked a thing in my life!)

Before that happened, however, real life and love happened and I ended up meeting my Canadian husband in Korea. Love and marriage eventually brought me to chilly Edmonton, where I live today.

With my move to Canada, my life totally changed, more so then I had ever experience before. Transition to Canada was difficult at first, new places, new friends and a new and different art scene. With all of this change, I was looking for something to keep me occupied and engaged. So, I turned back to my passion for art and design.

I started painting at home and selling at local art markets. It felt awesome to get positive feedback from customers and other artists. I started to meet potters, and eventually became a member in a local pottery guild. Through the time spent back in the studio, and the amazing local potters I met, I started to pursue my dream of opening my own studio again.

Just as my life in Canada was starting to feel normal, and my small business, Moonk Studio Pottery, was really picking up, everything changed again with the birth of my son. All of a sudden I had no free time, and no energy to do anything but be a mom! I’ve learned that I get a lot of energy through creating art, so it was really important for me to get back into pottery again to keep energized. Nap times became studio times, and my work with pottery really helped me stay balanced as a mother, artist and businesswoman.

My formal training as a potter in Korea, and my experience with the arts scene here in Canada has defined the signature style for my pottery. My approach to pottery is Korean style, with Canadian inspiration. With each piece I make I strive to showcase a bit of my Korean heritage. I make tableware and art pieces familiar to Canadians (coffee mugs, butter dishes, vases, etc.), but I decorate them with traditional Korean patterns and designs that symbolize good fortune, prosperity, good health and happiness. I am happy to introduce Korean styled designs and traditions to Canadians.

My families both in Korea and Canada have been instrumental in my success so far. They have offered nothing but support and encouragement along the way. My goal is to continue to build up my name locally, in the Alberta art scene, and to ultimately open my own storefront shop one day. But for now I will continue to perform my craft and build my business in my basement laundry room!


Moonk Studio has generously provided two handmade cups for one lucky winner. (Picture below.) You can enter for the draw by liking us on Instagram and tagging a friend on the post. Giveaway closes on June 11th, 2017. Good luck!

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