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Hello! I am Joanna Bisley, originally from England and immigrated to Northern Alberta with my family when I was a teenager. I am married to Kevin McNichol who is the VP of Strategy for the Calgary Homeless Foundation and have two children Emily 14 and Aidan 11. I also have a border collie cross husky dog and a 22 year old cat.

What is your business and what inspired you to start your business?

Joanna Bisley Designs creates heirloom quality gemstone jewelry and bridal accessories with each piece handmade in my northwest Calgary studio by myself of my two trained artisans.

After 14 successful years in various positions in the film and television industry, I took up jewelry designing as a hobby to have a creative outlet all of her own. After my second maternity leave with the encouragement of my husband and numerous stores requesting my designs, I decided it was the perfect time to pursue my jewelry designing career fulltime and hasn’t looked back.

What is your proudest moment with your business?

The proudest moment with my business was in the first year where I doubled my projected sales and immediately started making a profit.

How do you stay motivated and inspired?

It is not hard to stay motivated or inspired as I am extremely passionate about designing and my clients. I am doing what I love every day so you can’t beat that!

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

I don’t believe it is always possible to maintain a work life balance, there are times when the business is extremely busy and I may be doing trunk shows every weekend for a month out of town on top of working full time during the week. The flexibility of my schedule is made possible by my husband who is a true partner in raising the children and running the household. Every Saturday he does grocery shopping and the laundry and we all pitch with housework.

We also have been doing Taekwondo as a family together for the last 3 years 3 x times a week. It is the BY FAR the best thing we have done as a family as we have something in common to talk about and set our belt testing goals together. We don’t spend hours every night driving around to various activities so I feel we make the most of our time together as a family.

What is your proudest mom moment?

As all parents, I have had many proud moments with my children. I am particularly proud as they enter their teens that they are kind, responsible, empathetic and helpful.

What is your best parenting advice?

My best parenting advice is don’t believe all the perfect imagery of parenting and families you see on Instagram and Facebook, it isn’t real.

Where can you be reached?

Website: www.joannabisleydesigns.com

Email: jbdesigns@shaw.ca

Phone: 403.863.0927

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joannabisleydesigns/

Instagram: @joannabisleydesigns


Joanna Bisley has generously provided two layering necklaces made from 14kt Goldfill and Swarovski Crystal for one lucky mom, just in time for Mother's Day! (Retails for $288.) You can enter for the draw by liking us on Facebook and tagging a friend on the post. Giveaway contest closes on May 5th, 2017. Good luck!


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