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So the year has started. And you haven’t quite stared working out #awkward I’m not talking crazy fad diets or unrealistic quantities of exercise. I’m talking realistic fitness for a busy mom.

The truth is you just need to start. You need to make a plan and execute it. I find with 2 young kids that I need to be resourceful. Many times I get in 40 minute walk (multitasking #dogneedsexercisetoo) and add in 15 minutes of lunges, squats etc. BUT other times I am doing 50 squats in my kitchen while wearing pajamas and cooking dinner. Add in some extra treks up the stairs with the kids in my arms and I am happy! I do whatever I can to release some energy.

The BIGGER truth is that you don’t NEED any top secrets. You need to incorporate moving your body (trying new classes if you can, look up exercises you can do at home and just do it!) and eat healthy foods.

The best thing about regular exercise and movement is that you truly feel like a million bucks. It’s amazing how clothes seem to feel better quite quickly, that you get pep in your step, your less stressed and your ready to take on anything (like your kids for 5 more hours before bed!)

So my tip is to have 3 days a week that you schedule a 30 minute work out in, use Youtube, find free workouts on Pinterest, ask a friend to join you… honestly the options are endless. Add in 3x10 squats when you brush your teeth daily AND you’re already building strength and getting those muscles moving!

It does not need to be complicated. Plan your next week. Execute and then repeat.

You can do this! We all can!

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