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It finally happened. The cold dark winter is leaving and sunny spring is upon us #ohyes Now the truth is winter is usually when people hibernate, eat and just aren’t as active. AND if that is you, it’s totally okay. It’s more important to focus on the future and how you can get moving more to feel fab! (cause really don’t we always feel better when we’ve been able to move more!)

Spring means warmer temperatures and sunny days. So going outside to workout is finally an option again! Here are some great spring time workout ideas to plan into your week:

1) Power walks, get the kids into the stroller, some music on your ear phones and go for a 30 or 1 hour walk

2) Get the kids in the backyard and do a tabatta or strength workout. Pick 4-5 exercises set the timer and go! In 25 your done and feeling fabulous.

3) Meet some friends at a park with the kids and get a workout in and then enjoy coffee in the sunshine

4) With longer nights, have your partner or someone watch the kids at night and take advantage of the long evenings with an evening walk, run, bike ride!

Either way you want to get moving go for it. Be consistent and have fun with it! You’ll start to feel fabulous, crave the workouts and how amazing you feel after. You got this mama!

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