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So you’ve had your baby. You’re obviously extremely happy. How could you not be, your baby is adorable! But then like 30 minutes later your not and your not entirely sure why…

Honestly, postpartum is SUCH a precious time. It’s some of the highest highs and sometimes the lowest lows. I personally have experienced every single emotion during my post partum journey’s and the common ground both times was needed to “find myself again.”

The concept of “being a mom” and giving EVERY OUNCE of any energy I had to my kids made me sometimes feel lost when it came to other areas in my life. I had times when it was hard to understand why I felt so unlike my self.

My body was one I didn’t recognize, I felt like my brain had packed its bags and left me, I was so sleep deprived I would leave my groceries at the store and drive home #truth. I sometimes wondered if I would ever feel like I “used” to.

What I didn’t know was that it gets so much better. As babies get slightly older all of a sudden you can go out more, you can get rest, you can see your friends, family and support system. The inner “who am I” struggle seems to melt away.

A lot of pregnancy, labor and post partum is entirely out of our control. It’s truly the most amazing experiences in my life but it’s ‘more out of control’ than I expected. So even when your sleep deprived, questioning your body, staring at yourself in the mirror wondering “who is that!” just know that it gets better mama. You are a warrior and you’re so incredibly strong. Ensure you fill your cup up too. Get mini breaks, find express hobbies (like a warm bath!), start exercising when it’s safe to do so, and have people to talk to.

You gotta fight for yourself.

Your allowed to do things for you. So have someone hold that baby. Take a shower, toss on a lipstick, appreciate how pretty you are, and be positive!

Before you know it your baby is 1. Your crying because they grew up and you almost forget the days that you whined till you cried because your pants wouldn’t fit 2 months post baby (#wealldoit news flash they shouldn’t because you JUST had a baby AND that’s okay I promise you it won’t always be that way)

You got this mama. We are all STRONGER for this journey and together we are united.

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