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Every year Pantone announces their much anticipated colour of the year. This year the name says it all, "greenery". It's vibrant, rich and speaks to foliage. The question is how does one actually integrate this bold colour into their home?

Before you go painting all your walls green, here are some smart ways to incorporate a little more greenery in your life.

Go Green: No surprise, this colour is directly inspired by foliage and plants. There has never been a better time to fill your house with plants (real or fake). From fiddle heads to ferns, live greenery is a design trend that isn't going away. So style your shelves with potted plants and place trees in baskets in the corners of your favorite room. It will add a breath of fresh air to any space, literally, asll while giving you the opportunity to fill those cute rattan and terracotta pots.

Go Luxe: Green is one colour that looks incredibly rich in velvets, think royalty. In the form of accent pillows and luscious drapes, velvet can add a layer of richness to your space.

Go Singular: There is no denying it, Greenery is bold colour. In my professional opinion, this may not be the perfect colour choice to paint an entire room, but as an accent it is rather powerful. Greenery is a great choice for a singular focal point, from accent furniture to art Anything from a side chair to even an upholstered bed, these items will definitely make a statement and add a unique focal point within your space.

Go Tropical: There is an abundance of tropical inspired wall papers and fabrics on the market, making it easy to embrace green in a unique, dramatic manner. As with the house plant trend, we are going to continue to see a resurgence of tropical prints, especially palm prints as inspired by the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel.

Greenery is one trend you shouldn't shy away from. If you aren't ready to jump in whole heartedly and reupholster your sofa, you can ease into the trend with a single accent item like a pillow or print. Don’t be afraid to add a leafy pillow here and there or a wall of palm frawns to your outdated bathroom. So go bold and go green.


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