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Just take a deep breath, mom. Today is "Drink Wine Day."

Did you know such a day exists?! Personally, I don't need a specific date to tell me when to drink wine. I will gladly have that glass of wine at the end of the night to "wine" down and just relax.

I'm not quite sure whether it's the taste, the alcohol content, or simply just holding the wine glass, makes this moment special. Perhaps, one glass a day may be too much for you, but hey on the bright side, one glass of wine a day, keep your heart strong. Let's not kid ourselves, sometimes we just need to have that "me" time. Keep in mind, I'm in no expert in wine (I simply cannot tell the cherry, chocolate, or licorice flavours), but here are my picks for difference occasions (I purposely left out the year of production, since when we go shop for wine, do we really care about the year?)

RELAX AND INDULGE - (When you have the world all to yourself)

1) Le Vieux Pin - Syrah Cuvée Violette

2) Intersection - Cabernet Franc

3) MollyDooker - Two Left Feet

TRYING TO RELAX - (After finally tucking two screaming kids to bed)

1) Arrowleaf Wine - Pinot Gris

2) Township 7 - 7 Blanc

3) Little Engine Wines - Chardonnay

ANYTHING WILL DO - (When you are about to pull your hair out0

2) Anything with alcohol content that is in a form of a wine.

That's all! And of course, please don't drink and drive. But please remember to pamper yourself and give yourself a "me" once in a while to maintain your sanity.

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