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On Sunday, January 22, I attended the Mom. Recharge. Destress. event. The event did just that; I left feeling recharged from growing my circle of moms and learning tips for taking time for myself, and de-stressed from the 50 minute barre class. As a mom it can be hard to get away, so it’s nice to spend a couple of hours kid-free every once in a while!

The event took place at the Ramsay location of Barre Body Studio. I had never done a barre class before but I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out, and I was so glad I did! If you are unfamiliar with barre (like I was), it is a low-impact high-energy class that combines ballet postures with yoga and Pilates. It’s very beginner-friendly because it is suitable for all fitness levels and doesn’t require previous experience in dance, yoga, or Pilates.

Our class was led by Tara, who is the co-founder of Barre Body Studio. Tara challenged us to continue our repetitions despite feeling a MAJOR burn. I was worried I might not be able to pick my boys up the next day but luckily I could! I really loved the variety (we used our body weight, as well as light free weights, a resistance band, a small exercise ball, and mat), and core strengthening the class gave and the high-energy environment that Tara created. How can you not feel motivated with dance music blasting? It definitely won’t be my last barre class!

In addition to the class, Sweat Society (a Calgary based company specializing in ethically sourced and produced activewear), had a pop-up shop where event attendees were treated to a 10% discount. I didn’t purchase anything, but I am kicking myself after browsing their website because they have some truly beautiful pieces.

We refueled our bodies post-workout with Plum Ginger kombucha from TrueBuch and Beet & Berry and Cacao Peppermint energy bites from Little Tucker. The event ended with a talk from Tara Butterwick (topknotmommy) – a certified personal trainer and mom of two. She is passionate about teaching moms to love their bodies, embrace the changes, live healthy, and be proud of what they achieve. As a mom it is hard to put the focus on yourself, but self care is essential, and with the right planning it is definitely possible.

Milk + Confetti plans on having events quarterly. The best way to find out about future events is by following Milk + Confetti on Instagram and Facebook. I thoroughly enjoyed this event and I look forward to meeting you at the next one!


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