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The Milk+Confetti mission is to create a community of moms sharing relevant and timely information, motherhood tips, and inspirational stories. We hope to empower new modern parents to live up to their potential, define parenting on their own terms, and be the best parent they want to be. We also strive to be a great resource for moms wanting information about all things parenting related.

When we were contacted by Baby Gourmet to put together a focus group event for them, we were truly honored. Not only have we become a resource to moms, but we are now becoming a resource to companies that want feedback from local moms. We were even more impressed when we started talking to the Founders and their Executive team. We learned that Baby Gourmet started in 2006 right here in Calgary at the Calgary Farmer's Market. Their products are now distributed in major retailers across North America, including Superstore. Each product is created by the Founders, Jennifer Carlson and Jill Vos, and they ensure each product taste the same as when it is made in their home kitchen.

The purpose of the focus group was to try some new products out and provide some instant feedback to the marketing team of Baby Gourmet. The moms and babies were encouraged to try the products and give feedback on every aspect they can think of. We discussed the texture/ taste/ smell of the products, packaging, name of products, and even price points. It was truly a rewarding experience to have the opportunity to talk to a company about the things that really matters to mom when buying food for their babies.

The moms also had the opportunities to ask questions about existing products and even got to take home some samples and coupons. All in all, everyone got something out of the event. The only thing that some of us didn't get was their afternoon nap!

Here is what Melissa had to say about the event:

A couple weeks ago I was invited by Milk+Confetti co-founder, Monica Hui, to participate in a focus group hosted by Baby Gourmet. It was such an exciting opportunity as little Evelyn had just started getting into solids and I was at the point where I felt she needed to expand her palate beyond single item purees.

We arrived at Baby Gourmet’s beautiful Inglewood office and alongside other moms and bubs, dived into a session filled with laughter, learning, and food! I learned a lot about Baby Gourmet and their philosophy to provide the best food possible to our babes. Not only did we get to sample a new product, but we also got to sample a number of other products made by Baby Gourmet – Evelyn especially loved the Mushies.

I walked out of the session feeling confident that there is gourmet food available to my baby at a very reasonable price. (If you’ll pay $5 for a coffee, why wouldn’t you pay that amount for a bag of baby cereal?) It sounds cliché, but Baby Gourmet food is food that I would eat myself, so of course, I absolutely would feed it to Evelyn. **As a side note, I am in no way affiliated with Baby Gourmet and neither was I paid to write this piece. I just feel more educated about this particular company and their practices and knowing that I would be supporting a local Calgary business is also a bonus.**


Baby Gourmet has generously provided gift basket of Baby Gourmet products as a giveaway! You can enter for the draw by liking us on Facebook and tagging a friend on the post. Good luck!


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