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Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is in the air! If you’ve just welcomed a new baby into the world, this hallmark holiday is most likely the last thing on your mind. Between constant non-stop diaper changes, mountains of laundry, messes, noise, lack of sleep, milk-stained everything, the last thing new parents have the energy for is a little R&R time (who feels me?). Although you may be tired and not feeling your best, try to take in the joyful moments and use this day, and everyday to celebrate what you have brought into this world.

You did it.

Your love for each other made your newborn.

Now that is worth celebrating.

Your relationship with your partner may be different now but soon things will start to settle in and you will find your new normal. Protect and nurture your relationship after a new baby by connecting with each other through little moments like holding hands, saying “I love you” and stopping to hug each other after a long day. Remember to be flexible and keep your sense of humour. Parenting is a big gig and we are all just winging it!

If you can carve out some time for each other after you put baby down to sleep, we’ve got some great DIY at-home suggestions for you.

1. Have dinner by candlelight

There’s something about a darkened room with the flicker of a candle flame that sparks romance. Make a meal together (or order in!), set the table complete with candles and enjoy this time, just the two of you, even if it only lasts a short while.

2. Draw a warm bubble bath

Pick up some beautiful roses and pluck the petals to add a spa like effect, enhancing your mood. Set up candles along the bathtub and some gentle music. If your baby is fighting sleep, you can set up a little play area in the bathroom or have the baby join you in the bath! The intention is to focus on each other and relax with as little distraction as possible.

3. Offer each other massages

Lay a large plush blanket on the floor or bed and give your partner a relaxing full body massage using a little almond or sesame oil. Add in your favourite essential oils heating pads to invoke all the senses.

4. Play games

This is a great way to connect with each other. Engage your playful side and pull out some of your favourite board games. Keep it simple and fun!

5. Cuddle up on the couch for a romantic movie

Get your popcorn ready and cuddle up under a warm blanket. Take turns giving foot rubs or sneaking in some kisses while you can!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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