• Sarah Nantel


I found this amazing DIY Valentine’s Day craft on one of my favorite blogger/Instagramer's website called, “The Alison Show“. Ready for it? Noodle necklaces!

After doing this little DIY, Hazel now has a love for painting. For my daughter who does not like crafts, I consider this project a win. She also looked super cute and I had to take a million pictures of her and her “Elsa” braid.


  • Noodles

  • String

  • Paper and downloadable file from “the Alison Show” website

  • Acrylic paint (Use non-toxic. Yes, my daughter did lick her painted fingers, but won’t eat pasta.)

  • Paint brushes

  • Swag to separate noodles for added flair (beads, stickers, etc.)


1. Cover table and have child in protective apron. Trust me.

2. Pour paint into little bowls, give child a paint brush and let er’ rip!

3. Let noodles dry.

4. Have child attempt to string noodles. Then do it yourself. Also add stickers/beads yourself.

5. Then attach the necklace to the Valentine’s card … yourself.

Finally, give yourself a pat on the back for being amazing at doing a toddler craft. Let your child take all the credit and distribute to friends which you have selected. Fun!


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