• Sarah Nantel


Just likes clothes go in and out of style, makeup trends come and go as well. I'm filling you in on some new techniques that will change your beauty routine! I've got 5 secret weapons to help you achieve flawless foundation and face definition. No matter how late your kids kept you up last night, you can still look radiant the next day!

The beauty of makeup is being able to create an illusion of even tones and coverage. I'll admit that I usually spend way more time paying attention to my eyes and lips for my everyday look. I've totally been neglecting my complexion. Now that I'm getting older, and the wrinkles cannot be stopped, I've paid more attention to concealing. Want to look like you have glowing skin and cheekbones again?

Here are five top makeup trends:

Primer - add extra hydration and vitamins to your skin, make your foundation stay-put longer and give your skin a matter finish. It's a triple win!

Blend - have you seen one of these sponges yet? Game changer! Dunk it in water and squeeze out any excess, then use the pointed side to blend your concealer. Use the bottom, flat side to then apply your foundation, in short upward strokes.

Contour - Hello Cheekbones! Apply this darker colour in a 3 shape with your blush brush, starting over the outer corner of your eyebrow, come down under your cheekbone and then finish along your jaw line for a more defined chin.

Blush - Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. Use the blender again to blend the contour and blush if you feel that it is too strong!

Highlight - My favourite part! Add shimmer and glow under your eyebrows, over your cheekbones, along your nose and forehead.

Want a visual? Here is my video: