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Okay so it’s mad snowy out and your just wanting to stay in baggy sweaters and not move from the couch. This is really code for there’s no chance you’re working out.

But how are you going to reach your goal of being healthier and living a healthier lifestyle? We’re all adults, and by now we know that if you don’t do something you won’t see results. The good news is you can get out of this rut and get your workouts in without leaving your house! #winwin

So get some music on and get moving. Here’s my top 5 ways to get moving this winter:

1. Make a plan for your weekly workouts (start with 3!)

2. Pump the music and make it a dance party with your kids

3. download a timer app (Seconds is a great one) and create exercise circuts, tabata workouts and the timer tells you when to change exercises and stuff #builtintrainer

4. Youtube workouts and just go for it

5. Considering doing a 50 squat challenge where you do 50 squats a day (maybe 5 sets of 10, or 10 sets of 5) Do it for 30 days and see how amazing you feel after 1500 squats!

Make it fun. Incorporate your kids (save nap time for relaxing haha!), get fun music, wear your cute workout clothes OR your pajamas. Whatever works just get moving!

Don’t hibernate like a bear. Fitness makes us happy, releases feel good hormones and is the best stress release ever! Let's be healthy together. Make a plan and get moving!

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