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How would you describe your current workout routine?

As a fitness instructor I do a bit of everything. Spin, body weight exercises, lots of walking with my kids, and indoor/outdoor activities.

What is your favorite workout?

Spin or boot camp

What is your favorite outfit to workout in?

Depends on the weather but typically tights and a tank. Sometimes just a sports bra and tights.

How has your workout routine changed since having kids and starting a family?

There's rarely times where I can just get up and go to the gym or a class. I love a good 25 minute sweat session while the kids play or incorporating it into playing when then! So the biggest change is it's typically a shorter time but I go hard!

When do you find time to fit in a workout?

Once a week I go to spin as mama time, but the rest I workout with my 2 kids. Just gotta get it done!

What is your biggest struggle when it comes to working out?

After having 2 kids, my body just ain't quite the same (thanks prolapse). Which I am working on and will live with. But high impact and running is off the cards for now. But as a trainer I realize this just means I gotta adapt how I sweat and burn calories. Just a new challenge cause I love my babies!! (But people also don't talk about pelvic floor issues. And they should!)

What do you want to teach your children about working out or exercise?

That we should love our bodies. That exercise should be fun, it should brighten your day and that movement is healthy for our mind. It's not about shape or size. It's about happiness.

Any workout or exercise tips for other moms?

Start slow. Legit don't kill yourself off. Chances are it's been awhile since you've been on the healthy Movement wagon and that's okay. Start by walking 30 mins a day, or doing 10 minutes of strength and slowly build up. Exercise should be fun, a stress release and make us feel good. Also it's easy to have self conscious days, but love the crap out of your body. You've made babies and that is the coolest thing ever! With time and consistency you'll reach your goals!


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