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How would you describe your current workout routine?

No real routine. I try to get to one two would be ideal) yoga class(es) a week. I also try to go outside running when it's not too cold.

What is your favorite workout?

Combination of yoga and running. Yoga for strength, running for cardio. Both are a great stress relievers for me.

What is your favorite outfit to workout in?

Cropped high waisted tight and a tank top (and a fitted long sleeve for running when it's a bit cooler).

How has your workout routine changed since having kids and starting a family?

Workout routine changed with kids in the sense that I can't just go to a class whenever I want. It's usually last minute based on what is needed from me at home. I'll typically go for a run in the morning on weekends after I feed my little one (when hubby is home) and I'll try to make an evening yoga class after kids are in bed.

What is your biggest struggle when it comes to working out?

Consistency and fitting in a workout with all the other demands of being a mom (feeding, cleaning, cooking, errands, groceries, etc.) I'll be good and motivated for a few weeks straight then I'll be too tired one night and fall off the wagon again.

What do you want to teach your children about working out or exercise?

Teach my children that it's important to take care of our bodies (both with physical activity and with good food). Also, to find something you really enjoy doing. I'm a challenge junkie. I like to set goals or make challenges to motivate me (i.e. Registering for a race). It really pushes me and makes me want to workout harder to reach my goal.

Any workout or exercise tips for other moms?

I'll do mini exercises throughout the day with my 5 month old. If I'm carrying him around, I'll take 30 seconds and do some squats. Or I'll lift him up and down in the air to get a little arm workout in (he loves it too). Little things like this take no time and are easy- and you're entertaining your baby at the same time.


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